I want all of the consumers of my product to be able to take their health and fitness to the next level once they use my 100% natural products.” -Santia Marie Deck, Olympic trainee Santia Deck is a certified personal trainer, track star, fitness model, social media fitness guru, published author, and TV host, who is currently training for the Olympics in track & field. When Santia Deck was only 2 years old, a doctor told her mother that she had the body of a runner, and made her promise to put Santia in track when she was old enough. At seven, she started running track and she has never looked back since. Serving as a fitness model for a handful of brands, she has built a large & engaged social media following. Santia shares fitness and nutrition tips and messages of inspiration (in addition to her killer abs!) with her fans through her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Her fitness television program is now in it’s second season of production with growing markets for the first season making it’s total reach over 100 million households. Santia has a passion for spreading confidence and courage. Whether training clients, speaking to children about fitness or encouraging women to love their bodies, she is inspiring & dedicated.

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