About Us

Miramix will help you find a nutritional product that is unique as you are to fit your exact wants.  Think of us as a customized service provider who supports you in the fulfillment of your nutritional goals and conquests. Whether that is ensuring you get the right servings of fruits, vegetables, or other essential ingredients for creating the perfect protein shake or making a custom multivitamin that fits your specific needs– we will provide you with the tools to make your nutritional dreams a reality

The Market is developed by independent developers, we call them “mixrs”. These experts, professionals, and hobbyist use their knowledge and interests to make their own products based on their years of real life experiences.. 

Our developers range from dietitians who are making custom supplement regimens for their clientele, professional athletes who want to promote their sports regimen, and even the average consumer who has a tried and true recipe that they want to share with the world. In a nutshell, we are an open sourced nutritional market. 

If you have any advice on how we can approve our platform, desires to make your own line, or just want to chat feel free to email us at: support@miramix.com !